Milan Malpensa Airport – Renovation works

This is a reportage commissioned by SEA company and talks about the renovation works started after the closing of the Terminal 2 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Milan Malpensa airport MXP it’s the largest airport of the city and his history starts in 1909.
The modern airport it’s the result of a project wanted by the Ministry of Infrastructure started in 1980 and called “Malpensa 2000”. The architect in charge was Ettore Sottsass, one of the most famous Italian designer at the time.
It was inaugurated in 1998 and it grew up year by year.

In 2015 the architectural firm Caccia Dominioni & Zucca signed the project of restyling of the entire airport and in 2020, because of the pandemic, the Terminal 2 has been temporary closed.

These three years of closure gave to the company the opportunity to work on energy efficiency and some architectural aspects.

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